3 people toasting with a glass of beer. 2 are standing and 1 is in a wheelchair.

Take your inclusion to the next level…

Be leaders – create a more accessible and inclusive community for all.


What We Do

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Support you to provide top quality services to more of your ideal clients.

Karen stands, waiting, during a workshop.

Provide passion, experience and knowledge to help you shine.

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Take time for a coffee and a chat and provide a customised, in-depth experience.

2 women doing yoga. The woman in front has Down Syndrome.

Why You Need Us!

The Australian disability community is undergoing its biggest transformation ever. You’re expected to do so much more.

The time has never been better for Karen and Next Level Inclusion to help you to:

  • Gain and retain clients
  • Communicate more effectively online and in person
  • Increase accessibility of services, resources and more
  • Reduce segregation and achieve true, value-driven inclusion
  • Ensure your team are skilled, passionate top performers
  • Exceed standards and expectations

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“Easy to understand

Professional, well written and easy to understand, some of the best resources we’ve seen.

Auditors, Disability Standards audit

“Gives the team a boost

Karen presents in a friendly, easy, fun way – it gives the team a boost!

Anonymous, workshop attendee

“Accessible and practical

“I do considerable research at ANU regarding human rights and this was BY FAR one of the most accessible and practical training I have experienced”

Belinda, workshop attendee

It starts with you...

Tips, tricks & thoughts – from Karen

  • First Project Success!
    Our first project has appeared online 😊 I’ll share the testimonial at the end of the post! Check out our easy English policies on the St John Ambulance Australia website. Scroll down to Child Safety then the policies are listedContinue reading “First Project Success!”
  • Feeding it back
    It has been very exciting around Next Level Inclusion lately. I got my first ongoing contract – taking over the social media (SM) for a previous boss. It’s a disability related social enterprise and a lot of fun to workContinue reading “Feeding it back”
  • So how YOU doin?
    So I kind of disappeared. It’s felt like a year and a half already and it’s only April!! Let’s see, other than the usual birthday, Christmas, new year thing, I had huge changes at work which led to the lossContinue reading “So how YOU doin?”