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Man with Down syndrome smiles at the camera. He is wearing headphones and glasses, and has 1 hand out with his thumb up.
Illustration of a page with a heading saying Easy Read. It has pictures and text on it below the heading.

The Australian disability community you’re part of is undergoing its biggest transformation to date. With the advent of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), Disability Royal Commission and the new National Disability Strategy it’s more important than ever that you are as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Let’s work together to take your inclusion to the next level!

What We Do

Being more inclusive and accessible can help your team and your clients in so many ways. Here at Next Level Inclusion that means doing all we can to make sure your people understand what you have to say.

They feel welcomed, valued and informed and they have consciously chosen you because of that feeling – no matter if they are your staff, your clients or your supporters.

Whether you need Easy Read, Easy English, advice on policies, social media or planning, or disability-related training, Karen and Next Level Inclusion are there for you.

Find out more about what we do or about Karen and our team.

2 black and white images. On the left is a man smiling at the camera. A woman is smiling down at him. On the right is a young girl with Down syndrome. She is smiling and has her arms up in the air.

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Our disability glossary

Karen speaks candidly about her values and what some disability terms mean to her.

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