fun or function?

Keep calm and do the Christmas shopping is written in white over a Christmas tree decorated with baubles and ribbons. There are wrapped gifts in front of the tree and it looks like it is snowing in the background. The tree and background are a mix of a little light and dark and mostly midtones.

This image above popped up for me a few weeks ago on Facebook. A fun image, but oh boy is it hard to read!

So what’s the problem?

The image in the background makes the text very difficult to read. There are a number of reasons why including the amount of detail in the picture distracts from the text and there isn’t enough contrast between the text and image (contrast is the difference between dark and light).

The main issue with the text is that capital letters are harder to read (especially at a glance) for many people than lower case.

It’s a cute message, so I had a go at making the more inclusive, accessible versions below. Would you change anything else?

An image of a decorated Christmas tree with gifts in front is on the left. On the right it says KEEP CALM and do the Christmas shopping in white on a dark red background.
There is a Christmas tree icon at the top. Below that in dark red text it says KEEP CALM and do the Christmas Shopping. The background is red glitter with a white shape behind the text..

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