So how YOU doin?

So I kind of disappeared. It’s felt like a year and a half already and it’s only April!!

Let’s see, other than the usual birthday, Christmas, new year thing, I had huge changes at work which led to the loss of my team and the end of my contract. Luckily I have found an amazing new opportunity and will be doing basically everything that Next Level Inclusion offers and stands for!

Personally we were given notice to vacate, before our 12 month lease was even up, and applied for nearly 20 houses before ending up in a cute little ‘cottage’ – on the southside of Canberra! South vs north is quite the thing here, and I have never lived south in the 23 years living here! We’ve had multiple surgeries for family members, tooth and medical dramas and just a lot, a lot, a LOT of drama for one disabled single mum and her neurodiverse kids to handle!!

Now though, now we have a cute cottage, larger than our previous house, I have a new job I’m loving so far, and GUESS WHAT….?! Next Level Inclusion is in business baby!!

If you need any inclusion or accessibility support or advice, you know who to contact!

Joey from Friends is smiling and holding a spoon. Text says "How you doin'?"

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