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Feeding it back

It has been very exciting around Next Level Inclusion lately.

I got my first ongoing contract – taking over the social media (SM) for a previous boss. It’s a disability related social enterprise and a lot of fun to work on. I’ve been catching up on my SM skills and pushing myself to see a gradual climb in their stats.

Then a week or so ago, I got my first one-off contract! A national health & wellbeing organisation had a try at writing their own easy English policies. I’m so impressed that they they had a go, and did so well! NLI has been contracted to complete consumer review of the policies and editing as needed.

I put the word out for members to join our (brand new) NLI Feedback Group and have 5 interested people so far! It is just beyond exciting to be the instigator of a group where disabled people are being paid as independent contractors because of the expertise their disabilities give them. I am working incredibly hard to make sure I am ticking every box for this to be an amazing experience for them, so they are happy to join me in future jobs!

Please get in touch any time if you have questions about easy English, easy read or plain English, or consulting our Feedback group.

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