First Project Success!

Our first project has appeared online 😊 I’ll share the testimonial at the end of the post!

Check out our easy English policies on the St John Ambulance Australia website. Scroll down to Child Safety then the policies are listed under –Easy English–

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Child Safety in St John


Statement of Commitment

“Karen from Next Level Inclusion has been fantastic to work with. The project was completed on time and their prices are very competitive – which for a not-for-profit organisation, is an important factor. The documents received were all of a high quality and met the needs of our target audience and organisation. The Australian Office of St John Ambulance Australia won’t hesitate to use Next Level Inclusion again should we have a future project requiring (easy English).”

Huge thanks to St John for the opportunity to work together ⭐

(Image from Learning Disability Service Leeds)
[2 people looking at each other across a table. There are 2 arrows pointing from one to the other. Text above says 1 to 1 meeting.]

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