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Disability Action Plans – 3 considerations

Never having seen a Disability Action Plan (DAP) before, Next Level Inclusion is now working on 2!

Of course I’m doing lots of research, and have decades of experience to draw on, so I’m excited for these new challenges.

The NLI Feedback Group will be working on one of them with me and are really looking forward to it. The document is in plain language, rather than easy read, so it will be slightly different work for them, but I plan to create a short guide for them – probably another 1 pager plus a video to help. As always I’ll be available for support too.

Having multiple conversations about them got me thinking, and here are 3 important considerations as a starting point.

  1. It’s an Action Plan, so be active

Avoid passive language as much as possible. Where you can, provide actual steps that you will take to reach your DAP goals.

  1. Be realistic – simple isn’t silly

As much as we’d all love to be perfect, it’s an almost unachievable goal, particularly for small organisations and businesses. Do what you can and start with small steps that make a big difference – such as simplifying your language and offering to meet on the video or chat platform of your client’s choice.

  1. Ask your clients what they need

Whether you do this formally or informally, once a year or with each engagement, listen and ask and make sure you keep a record of what they say! (OK, this is one I need to write into my evaluation processes too!)

Let me know if you have other tips to add.

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