Simplified, not simple!

Given that in every pitch I’ve done for The Easy Read Toolbox I’ve explained Easy Read as a form of writing that is simplified but not simple, you’d think I’d remember that for myself!

Lately I’ve had a lot on personally (parent/carer of 3 young people with autism), professionally and healthwise (changing medications). I’ve been struggling to write the Easy Read documents I need to, and feeling enormous guilt and frustration.

My wonderful psychologist pointed out to me yesterday that only having 20 minute blocks at the desk before running to another appointment, meeting or school pick up is not conducive to focused or complex work! I was comparing my abilities to when I wrote easy read at the Disability Royal Commission and would have a clear day to work.

So now I’m on Operation Simplify My Days, cutting out unnecessary commitments and ensuring longer blocks for focused work.

If you need to chat with me you can now book in a time that I’ve designated as available for that purpose – you’ll notice that there are only 3 days per week available.

Book in now on my Koalendar (cutest name ever!):

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