I work differently to other companies and consultants.

I won’t just tick boxes for you. I need to delve deep into what matters for YOU and YOUR clients, really understand how things work for your team and then create accessible and inclusive information and systems that fit you like a glove.

I have a wealth of experience in the disability community, accessible communication, policy & procedures, training and inclusion over the past 30+ years. You can read more about me on Karen Hedley Consulting.

I’m dreaming of a more inclusive, accessible world, and I want to start by working with you.

Get in touch with me now!

Two people holding up certificates in frames. Both people have huge grins on their faces. One is standing and one is sitting in a wheelchair.

With Christina Ryan (on the right), from the Disability Leadership Institute, when we both won an ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award in 2015!

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