Taking action

Disability Action Plans – 3 considerations Never having seen a Disability Action Plan (DAP) before, Next Level Inclusion is now working on 2! Of course I’m doing lots of research, and have decades of experience to draw on, so I’m excited for these new challenges. The NLI Feedback Group will be working on one ofContinue reading “Taking action”

Sick and confused

We recently had covid in the house – my son and I were sick with the same symptoms. He tested positive, I did not. Anyway, it was great, yet shocking to get insight into the process from ACT Health on the “other side” as a case and a close contact. The initial email my daughterContinue reading “Sick and confused”

Feeding it back

It has been very exciting around Next Level Inclusion lately. I got my first ongoing contract – taking over the social media (SM) for a previous boss. It’s a disability related social enterprise and a lot of fun to work on. I’ve been catching up on my SM skills and pushing myself to see aContinue reading “Feeding it back”