Who We Are

Karen is smiling as she talks into a microphone. She is holding an award in a frame. There is a man standing behind her.

Karen Hedley

A ‘specialist’ in Easy Read, inclusion and accessibility, I love the change I help you bring into the world!

2 young people are smiling at the camera. 1 person has her arms around the other's shoulders.

Our Team

Our Feedback Group is made up of accessible communication users. All people with cognitive disabilities, they understand what works and what doesn’t.

Feedback Group members have a variety of cognitive disabilities, including intellectual disability, autism ADHD and more.

We have just started hiring Easy Read Writers, to keep up with the demand. Most of our writers are disabled and / or autistic.

We also have a virtual admin team, all with disabilities of their own.


Feedback Group

Who: People with cognitive disabilities* able to provide feedback on Easy Read and plain English documents and images.
* Cognitive disabilities include intellectual disabilities, autism, ADHD and any other conditions you feel make it difficult for you to read and understand most documents.
What: Employment by contract for agreed projects. You will receive an orientation first, so you understand Easy Read review requirements.
When: From June 2022, continuous.
How much: Varies based on each project. We can pay in gift cards, but have been informed these should also be declared as income to the ATO.
ContactEmail us here.

Make sure you check out The Easy Read Toolbox for more employment opportunities!

Photos of Karen and her family from Ladina Photography with thanks – Ladina is a huge supporter of ours!

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